Traditionally, electrical backup power has been supplied by petrol or diesel generators. These generating units tend to be noisy, present a fire hazard, and require regular maintenance.
An inverter-charger system stores power in batteries, by charging the batteries when grid or generator power is available. The inverter then converts the stored DC battery power into household AC power when there is an outage. The changeover could be automatic, so that you have uninterrupted power supplied to your electrical load or appliances all the time.

We invite you to experience the heartwarming satisfaction of inverter-charger electrical power backup systems. To achieve this tiava, we offer:
• Deep-cycle Batteries
• Battery Cabling
• Cable Lugs and Terminals
• Heat-Shrink Tubing
• Inverters
• Lighting
• Changeover Switches
• Electrical Subpanels

We also offer electrical backup power systems based on photovoltaic modules (solar panels) and wind turbines.

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