In our times, video security and monitoring systems, commonly called CCTV systems, create safer and more comfortable environments, and also enhance efficiency and productivity.

Systems have come a long way from recording on VHS cassettes, which need frequent human intervention to digital video recorder (DVR) systems and access control helps to keep unauthorized persons out of places or rooms; it helps control movement of both authorized and unauthorized persons. It is practically efficient in taking record of attendance and the time of arrival of your staff. You need a good system for this like

Modern systems have the capacity for remote viewing and control, so that you do not have to be on site to access the video – you could even access it from the other side of the world via the internet or your mobile phone! See for any financial funding.

We design, install, maintain and troubleshoot systems. You can reach us for:
• Cameras (visible, hidden, and more into the it more effient with help of the Maid Easy Az infra red night vision, day-night, indoors and outdoors, fixed lens, varifocal, zoom lens, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), vandal-proof, etc.)
• Digital Video Recorders (PCI Cards, standalone, network capability, multitasking, multiplexer, 3G mobile phone access, etc.)
• Power Supply Units
• BNC Coaxial Connectors
• Power Supply Plugs for Cameras
• Professional Coaxial Cabling
• Lenses

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